You have bought a new house and your kids are excited to swim in the pool that is on the property.  A major selling point of a home is a pool.  Pools are a great way to cool off in the summertime and both kids and adults love to swim in them.  But before you let your children jump in the cool water, there are some things you will need to do, and contacting a professional pool service company is one of them.  Today we are going to learn why everyone who has purchased a home with a pool should always contact a pool service company before getting in the water.

Five Reasons New Pools Owners Should Use a Pool Service Company

  1. Have the water tested:

    While the real estate agent may have told you the pool is safe to swim in, they are not pool experts. To ensure that the water is safe for your family, contact a pool service company and have the water tested.

  2. Have it professionally cleaned:

    A great way to make your new pool sparkle is by having it professionally cleaned. This will not only get rid of any debris that might be floating in the pool, but the bottom and sides of your pool can be cleaned as well.

  3. Check for leaks:

    In order to protect your new investment, you will want to have a pool leak detection inspection conducted. This will make sure there are no surprise leaks. If something is found during the pool leak detection inspection. a qualified pool service company can fix the issue. It will further ensure that your pool will stay pristine for many years to come.

  4. Make sure to inspect your pump:

    Before you jump in your pool, make sure everything is working properly. Get your pump inspected to make sure all the electrical connection is properly installed and safe.  This will help keep your family safe and protect a vital part of your pool’s operating system.

  5. Get an estimate on monthly service:

    After you have had your pool thoroughly cleaned and inspected by a professional pool service, set up monthly service.  This will allow you to enjoy your pool without all the headaches of having to maintain it yourself.