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Common Inground Pool Leak Repair Reasons

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Common Inground Pool Leak Repair Reasons

Have you noticed that your inground pool’s water level is lower than it should be?  Maybe you are having to add water to your pool each month? In addition, you might also be having some pump issues?  If you answered yes to either question, chances are you have a pool leak.  Pools leaks can be a serious problem for pool owners, and inground pool leak repair will be needed to fix this issue. Today we are going to talk about several common pool leak locations and the importance of hiring a professional pool repair company.

Where Do Leaks Often Occur?

There are several places that are prone to pool leaks.  Each of these areas are considered weaker points in the pool’s overall system.  Below you will find a list of these potential leak points that you can be on the lookout for.

Pool lights: If your pool has underwater lights, leaks can occur around them.

Main pool drains: Another potential leaking point, main drains are often the source of leaks and can cause major water loss.

The pool liner: The most common of all pool leaks is a hole in the pool liner which can cause small to large leaks.

Skimmers: When skimmers become old, they will often leak around the edges.

Pump return fittings and lines:

Pumps use pressure to circulate water around the pool.  The pump also uses return fittings and lines which are attached to the system causing a leak.

Professional Inground Pool Leak Repair

Hiring a professional is the best defense against a pool leak.  Inground pool leak repair requires specialized tools and equipment that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have.  A certified pool repair company will have the tools needed for the job.  In addition, they will also know how to use the tools to make the repair quickly.  Pool leaks can be very costly and drive up your water bill if left unchecked.  Small holes if left unrepaired can grow larger with time causing major damage to your pool’s liner.  So if faced with a pool leak, you should contact an inground pool leak repair professional today.