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How a Pool Leak Can Cause a Sinkhole

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How a Pool Leak Can Cause a Sinkhole

In the state of Florida, access to water is a must. For most this means being a car ride away from the beach or being able to cool off in a backyard pool. What do you do, however, when you discover your relief from the heat is slowly leaking away along with your hopes of some carefree fun? While the most common and logical answer would be to simply call a professional and fix the leak, there may be some consequences you may not have been prepared for. One consequence of note being a sinkhole.

When water gathers around a pool and soaks into the ground, it can bring about a sinkhole. In ground pools can develop chips and cracks in the plaster coating that can lead to leaks in the adjacent ground. Fiberglass pools have a lower probability for leaks as long as they are well maintained. If it is not well maintained, water loss in a fiberglass pool along with we soil can cause the sides to cave in, destroying the foundation.

Unfortunately, a simple leak can start the metaphorical boulder rolling downhill. With one well-placed leak and the cracks that follow, the ground below your pool and feet will continue to move. This movement disrupts everything around it, allowing water to accumulate without proper drainage. The collection of water creates a void under the surface; when the ground above this void collapses, a sinkhole has fully formed.

By identifying and addressing a pool leak early, a catastrophe like a sinkhole can be avoided. With our experienced technicians and the use of state of the art technology, we can find and repair a leak right the first time around. Take an active role in the maintenance of your pool! Contact one of our professionals at Gator Leak Detection now.