Welcome to Gator Leak Detection

Did you know that detecting a pool leak and fixing a pool leak as quickly as possible could cause less of a hassle and less of an expense than you could ever have thought?  

At Gator Leak Detection, we are no strangers to getting calls from the shaky homeowner who is concerned about the amount they will have to spend on repairing their pool from a leak.  Gator Leak Detection is here to help you repair your pool leaks using state of the art technology that makes the price of repair far less expensive.  

We also provide plenty of support in helping to prevent future leaks from costing you an arm and a leg.  Follow our blog to get tips on maintaining your pool system and preventing leaks.

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It takes less than twenty minutes to avoid a huge pool leak repair

Process for Finding and Repairing a leak with Gator Leak Detection

Finding a Leak

To find a leak in your pool, simply follow the bucket test with complete instructions on the services page.

Calling the Experts

Get in Touch with the experts at Gator Leak so we can come out and create a custom plan to repair your pool leak.

Repair the Leak

Gator Leak will repair your leak and if you are happy with our service, refer us to a friend and follow us on Social Media.


Getting the most out of your pool is all any pool owners want.  Don’t forget to take care of your pool with regular service and keeping an eye on the pool pump and water levels.  Unfortunately pools are not without their maintenance needs just like an AC or a Roof, but if you take good care of your pool pump, you can go many years without having to replace the pump, especially with modern pumps.

Gator Leak Detection can have someone out in no time to repair your pool leaks and keep your pool running at its best.  Call today at 561-232-3880.  We service all of Palm Beach County.