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Experienced Pool Leak Detection and Repair in West Palm Beach

Maintaining a swimming pool is no small task, and to put in hard work and then have it all drained away is nobodies idea of fun. A single leak in a swimming pool can shorten your pools longevity and substantially increase your spending on water! A pool leak may be hard to find, but leaving one alone could have monstrous results. The most common sign of a leak is an excess of water around the outside of the pool, which can create muddy areas or even puddles. Navigating this mud and water can be dangerous, and could easily lead to injury. Hiring a professional is always a worthwhile alternative compared to the possible hazards of a prolonged pool leak

Plumbing Damage

Pool leaks are sometimes linked to an issue with the plumbing that is connected to the pool. If this is the case, then the entire plumbing system could be compromised and will only worsen with time. Corrosion can begin to break the pipes down, and eventually, the entire foundation around the pipes could be compromised by the water leak. Not to mention, all that wasted leakage is costing you on your water bill! As water continues to shift the foundations, muddy areas can become more dangerous, making it even harder to repair the damage.

Pool Damage

While a pool leak usually begins with a minute crack, if left unnoticed or unchecked, this tiny crack can lead to costly, and possibly even permanent damage to your poo!  Most pools have a vinyl lining, and if this is where the crack is located, it is possible the damage can be contained and repaired if noticed fast enough. However, if the leak is located in the concrete substructure, the results could be even worse. Even a small leak will allow water to erode the concrete, and worse still the leak can continue to crack and lengthen, allowing for more water erosion! Sometimes they can get bad enough that a pool has to be wholly or partially replaced!

People and Property

As we’ve said, the water leaking from a pool can create some bothersome muddy spots. But these scattered patches can grow and engulf whole yards and lawns, drowning plants and grasses, and decreasing property value! Worse still, the mud provides an extreme hazard to people and pets who could slip and fall in the mud, or be victims of a sinkhole!