About Us

Gator Leak Detection was founded by Lou Tobia Jr in 2016 after being in the pool business for five years realizing that leaks are a major problem in swimming Pools. Lou traveled to California where he was trained by Leaktronics on the most state of the art equipment in the business. Gator Leak Detection has since than performed over 5,000 leak detections. 

After spending five years in the pool industry, it became evidently clear to Lou Tobia Jr, owner of Tobia Pool Care, that leaks were one of the most frequent problems for pool owners. It was finally in 2016 that Lou decided to take these sorts of pool issues head on, and out came Gator Leak Detection.

Since being founded by Lou, Gators Leaks’ mission has been to provide the highest standard of service, while also completing the job to maximum capability. Confirming that the customer is on the same page and is happy after our visit is top priority. Lou, eager to make sure he created a company that was completing the job the right way, took strides in the work field to grow his experience and knowledge in Leak Detection.



One including a trip out to Calabasas, CA, where Lou was trained by Leaktronics. A company that specializes in engineering and operating the most state-of-the-art leak detection equipment currently available today.

Gator Leak Detection has since performed over 5,000 leak detections, ranging from residential and commercial pools to international locations like the Caribbean Island, “Mustique” where Lou and his team performed a leak detection over a period of four days. Gator Leak Detection knows that having a full, and complete, understanding of the science that leak detection entails, means getting the job done the right way, every time.