Services: Pool Leak Detection

We perform a full comprehensive leak detection on Pool & Spa’s. We also offer full leak detections & inspections for Home buyers and Realtor’s.


At Gator Leak Detection, it is our goal to find and repair your leak the first time around.  We get you back up and running as soon as possible.  Having a pool leak in the Florida heat makes your water bill go up because you refill the pool regularly. A pool leak can even cause you to not be able to use your own pool.  The heat in Florida causes the water to evaporate and you also lose water from splashing and back-wash (waste water).  Having a leak causes you to lose even more water than what you normally would.

Most of the time, when a pool springs a leak, it is best to handle the issue immediately.  To wait could be the difference between an expensive repair and a relatively inexpensive repair.  It is normal to be concerned when you have a pool leak, because it seems extremely expensive to repair. Many pool owners also worry about draining the pool and whether or not their yard will be affected by the leak, however, Gator Leak Detection is an expert pool leak detection company.

When you contact Gator Leak Detection, we focus primarily on the pool leak, honing in on its location and coming up with a plan to remove the leak with little disturbance to the yard or your wallet.  It is important that we treat your pool with the same respect we would treat our own pools.  All it takes is one free phone call to get your pool back up and running in no time.  The average pool leak takes less than a few hours to repair and Gator Leak will send someone out as fast as possible.

diagram of a pool

Warning Signs of a Pool Leak

Owning a pool is a huge responsibility that requires constant observation and investments in the service of its use.

Aside from paying a pool company to keep an eye on the color and chemical makeup of the pool, it is super important that you as the owner of the pool, keeps an eye on its water levels.  Here are some tips that will help you to know when it is time to call Gator Leak Detection.

  • If a pool is losing more than 1/8 of an inch over a 24 hour period
  • If your chemical treatment is not keeping the algae out of the pool
  • If the pool tiles are either loose or have fallen off completely
  • If you notice that the pool appears to be cracked or if there are cracks on the deck of the pool
  • The ground around your pools always seems to be soggy or contains standing water and grass that is uneven. (In most cases, this means that your automatic filter is releasing water non-stop)
  • There are bubbles in your pump. (This often means that your main drain has a leak which is not only bad for your pool but potentially fatal for swimmers)

If you notice any of these potential issues happening to your pool, don’t wait to call.  As with everything in life, the longer you wait the worse it can get.  Gator Leak Detection can get someone out to you as soon as possible to end a potentially big disaster before it becomes out of control.

How to Test Whether your Pool is Losing Water

Check your pool for leaks at least once a month if you live in Florida due to the heat.  It is key to remember that evaporation should be no more than 1/4 of an inch in a 24 hour period and anything more than 1/8 of an inch in the same 24 hour period is evidence of an issue.  Doing a bucket confirm an issue if one exists.  Here are the steps:

  1. Fill your pool to the normal operating level – Just take a hose and fill the pool to where it would normally sit prior to use.
  2. Fill a 5 Gallon bucket with pool, spa or fountain water about 3-4 inches from top.
  3. Place bucket on first or second step of pool, spa or fountain without immersing (dipping) it.
  4. With pencil, marker or electrical tape, mark the water level on inside of bucket.
  5. Shut off the pump and mark the pool, spa or fountain level on the outside of the bucket.
  6. Resume normal pump operation. Make sure that the auto fill valve is off during test.
  7. After 24 hours, compare the two levels. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than the inside water level (inside mark), there may be a leak.

If it should rain during the time that you are doing your test, please repeat the test after the rain is done.  It is best to check the weather before performing your test to avoid having to repeat the test.  If you are unsure about the test or have questions regarding the test, contact Gator Leak Detection for help at 561-232-3880.


Gator Leak Detection has a three step process which makes leak detection not only simple but precise.

  • First, we take time to do a complete inspection of your pools plumbing and around its surface.
  • Next we perform a dye test while using ultra sonic listening technology which is designed to pinpoint your leak.
  • Finally, after we have detected the location of the leak, our leak detection Lake Worth specialists design a custom plan specifically for you.

So if you live in the area of West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, get in touch with us.

One quick phone call can get you on the way to a healthy and happy pool owning experience.